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Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Calgary Home

With Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd., it’s easy to improve the air quality of your home. With services for humidifiers, furnaces, fireplaces and air ducts, we help Calgary families find more comfort in their home, while also improving their health.

Whole-Home Humidification

For your health and comfort, your home should have an indoor relative humidity ranging from 40 to 50 percent. Living in the Calgary area, you know that we tend to have very humid summers of 60 to 80 percent humidity, with winters dipping to around 20 percent humidity. Of course, with your furnace on, your relative indoor humidity will most likely drop to around zero during the winter months.

Neptune Plumbing & Heating can help design a system that will help you maintain ideal indoor humidity levels all year round. For installations and service, call Calgary’s home humidification experts!

Your Furnace & Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Having the right furnace filter in place is essential in maintaining the air quality throughout your home. Air filters remove the dirt, debris, pollen and other contaminants that exacerbate allergies and lead to various respiratory issues.

If that wheezing, outdated furnace is making you wheeze too, call Neptune Plumbing & Heating to discuss a service, repair or replacement.

Fireplace Cleaning Services

While nothing is more comforting than sitting in front of a crackling fire, fireplaces need special care to remove creosote buildup, the dark tar substance that causes chimney fires. A clean fireplace, chimney and flue ensure dangerous gases exit your home whenever you burn wood in your fireplace.

To have your fireplace serviced, book an appointment with Neptune Plumbing & Heating.

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Duct Cleaning for Your Calgary Home

If your air ducts are clogged with debris, dust and particles, then these contaminants are likely being released from your supply registers as well. Not only does this buildup decrease the efficiency of your system and exacerbate allergies, it also makes your furnace work harder and can decrease its functional lifespan.

We use high-tech rotary and power whip systems to remove deposits in your air ducts to ensure uninterrupted airflow.

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