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Is It a Good Idea to Use a Store-Bought Chemical Drain Cleaner?

Store-Bought Chemical Drain Cleaner

We've all been there. Your drain is clogged, and you need to get your pipes back to 100% and fast. But then you stop and ask yourself, "is store-bought drain cleaner safe to use?".

The answer is ‘no’. We'll break down a few reasons why you should ditch the store-bought drain cleaner and call in an expert from Neptune Plumbing and Heating. 

Look no further than our expert plumbers for the best residential plumbing Calgary has to offer. Take a look at our advice below on why you should avoid using store-bought drain cleaner for your residential plumbing repair.



Store-bought drain cleaners contain extremely corrosive chemicals, though they might not solve your problem. 

While drain cleaner may work for minor clogs, tough clogs will have you literally pouring money down the drain when you could have just called a plumber.



There are a few common chemicals used in store-bought drain cleaner, including:

  • sodium hydroxide (lye)

  • sodium hypochlorite (bleach)

  • potassium hydroxide (lye)

  • thioglycolic acid 

  • sulfuric acid

  • hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid)

Though they vary from acids to bases on the pH scale, all are extremely corrosive and toxic for humans if accidentally ingested or even exposed to skin. You also risk combining varying drain cleaners and producing toxic gasses or fumes. 

Avoid contact with these dangerously corrosive chemicals by foregoing store-bought drain cleaner and calling the professionals instead.



Believe it or not, just because drain cleaner is meant to clear clogged drains doesn't mean it's safe for them. Store-bought cleaners have such corrosive chemicals that they can actually be corrosive to the pipes themselves.

Don't be surprised if, after years of using store-bought drain cleaner, your pipes spring a leak. Using it in an emergency may get you by, but using it as a go-to solution? You're asking for a pipe to burst. 

Drain cleaners can result in irreparable damage to pipes, especially if they're dated or PVC pipes. The cost of hiring residential plumbing services to fix a clog is nothing compared to replacing your plumbing system because of years of mistreatment.



If you have a septic tank, you may know not to flush wet wipes or pour bleach in the toilets as it can cause clogs and kill the good bacteria. The same goes for drain cleaner. 

When you have a septic tank and pour drain cleaner down your drains, you're exposing all of the good bacteria and healthy enzymes in your septic tank to harsh chemicals.

These bacteria and enzymes play a crucial role in eating away at the solid waste in your septic tank. Severely reducing the number of good bacteria in your septic tank can mean that solid waste builds up quicker.

Check out this residential plumbing diagram to see how it might affect your system.



For residential plumbing companies, Calgary's own Neptune Plumbing and Heating Ltd. is always here to help you, so you don't throw your money down the drain with a store-bought drain cleaner; hire a professional plumber.

If you're looking for residential plumbing, Calgary offers the best with Neptune Plumbing and Heating Ltd. Sign up for our newsletters for more great tips, information, and online offers!



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