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Sewer Drain Cleaning

Proficient Sewer Drain Cleaning Services in Calgary

Sewer pipes can be notoriously difficult to monitor, particularly on older properties, so you'll want to employ someone to monitor the root cause of the problem. It makes sense to hire the right type of contractor to assess all the damage and offer efficient sewer drain cleaning services in Calgary. Allow Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to offer expert residential drain cleaning solutions for home and office owners in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Our team of trained professionals can offer hassle-free and budget-friendly sewer cleaning services.


Usually, the majority of property owners notice the signs of a clogged drain and reach for a bottle of store-bought chemical drain cleaner. This may seem like the most cost-effective and convenient option, but many chemical drain cleaners are powerful enough to corrode and weaken your pipes over time. Our professionals are trained to handle all kinds of clogged drains and sewer problems you encounter in your residential and commercial properties. Give us a call today to learn more!

Diamond Club Membership

Join Our Maintenance Program

Protect your home from unexpected plumbing breakdowns and water damage with Neptune Plumbing & Heating’s Diamond Club. This maintenance program is plumbing security for your home.

Combating Slow or Clogged Drains With Biosmart®

Clogs cause water to back up, which is a nuisance for your everyday water use and can lead to leaks and damage if the water overflows. If you want to avoid nasty and expensive drain clogs, rely on Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd.'s clog-busting Drain Maid™ Maintenance Program, featuring the power of BioSmart®.


Many factors can be responsible for your drain clog. Your home’s drains are collection spots for materials such as grease, oil, hair, food and even personal care products, which can stick to the inside of your pipes and slow down the wastewater leaving your home. Call us at Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to find out what other services we can provide apart from our reliable sewer drain cleaning services in Calgary.

Why Should You Opt for Sewer Drain Cleaning Services in Calgary?


Whether it is washing dishes after a scrumptious dinner, or washing your hands after a house cleaning, the drainage system in your home has to work optimally for ensuring your everyday tasks are carried out without any hassles. Due to this reason, it becomes severely important that you keep your drainage systems well-maintained and clean on a regular basis.


Displaying diligence in sewer and drain cleaning can help avoid major problems like slow drainage and extreme clogging. In situations where you cannot find the time to clean your drains, you can contact our skilled team at Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to assist you with efficient and reliable sewer drain cleaning services in Calgary. We also offer top-notch video inspections for your sewer problems. For all your drainage or heating and air conditioning requirements in Calgary, you can count on us for bringing custom solutions to the table. Get in touch with us today!


Advantages of Sewer Drain Cleaning Services in Calgary


While every property is unique and different in its own way, sewer and drain maintenance can differ from small houses to big ones. However, we recommend that you get your drains inspected and cleaned at least once a year by a professional drain cleaning company like ours. Listed below are a few of the many advantages of undertaking sewer drain cleaning services in Calgary:

  • Reduces the degree of blockages: Getting your sewer serviced by professionals can help diffuse the risk of slow and clogged drains.
  • Eliminates odour: Due to the accumulation of food particles trapped inside the drains over a period of time, bacteria and mould can grow inside your drains which causes a foul odour to spread throughout your home. Getting your drain cleaned can help combat this problem.
  • Reduces the need for emergency repairs: Calling a professional to inspect your plumbing and drainage systems on a regular basis can help you identify the gray areas way before they turn into anything majorly concerning.

If you need our assistance in anything pertaining to your HVAC and plumbing systems, we invite you to connect with us over a phone call for discussing your needs and the solutions the Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd. team has to offer.

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