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Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless Pipe Repair Services in Calgary

Do your underground sewer and water pipes need repair? Are you worried that digging up the ground will ruin your beautiful lawn or patio? With advanced trenchless pipe repair services in Calgary, Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd. promises that your property will not turn into a construction site! Unlike traditional methods, trenchless pipe repair is less intrusive as it involves using a video camera to inspect the pipes under the ground and locate the problem without tearing up your whole yard. This allows us to fix your water lines or sewer lines with minimal fuss while saving you time and money.

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Protect your home from unexpected plumbing breakdowns and water damage with Neptune Plumbing & Heating’s Diamond Club. This maintenance program is plumbing security for your home.

What Makes Trenchless Pipe Repair the Right Choice

When offering trenchless pipe repair services, we rely on the advanced no-dig technology that allows us to inspect your underground pipes without creating a muddy mess. We adopt a variety of techniques to restore your pipe to functioning efficiently and keep the ground above in place. In the case of trenchless pipe repair services, a pipe pull technique is applied in which broken sewer or water lines are replaced by using a small hole at the beginning and end of the piping run. This pipe relining eliminates any need for the removal of broken pipes by using your existing pipe as a mould for the new one.

Advantages You Enjoy

The job is usually completed in less than a day.

The process is less intrusive than traditional re-piping methods.

It does not damage your yard, landscaping, patio and driveway.

Trenchless pipe repair service saves you time and money.

Repairs conform to industry standards and last for many years.


Call us to have your plumbing system working flawlessly without disturbing your property in the process. Timely maintenance service will help you prevent any disasters, such as sewer pipe cracks and overflows, plumbing leaks, clogged drains and backups.

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