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Furnace Installation


When it comes to furnaces, we at Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd. do it all. Our heating contractors have years of experience and can install and repair your furnace to add value and functionality to your commercial or residential space. We will offer long-lasting solutions if you're considering upgrading to an energy-efficient model or need repairs for an existing furnace. When you choose us for furnace installation in Calgary, we ensure to secure the unit on its base and check all connections. In the case of gas furnaces, we check for any signs of gas leakages. You can also trust us to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions for quality solutions.


Would you like to speak to our certified team about furnace installation in Calgary? Please don't hesitate to contact us. Besides this, you can also turn to us for air conditioner installation.

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Benefits of an Efficient Furnace

If you are wondering why you should opt for a new furnace, we have many reasons that will make you think about heading to the store as soon as possible. A new and high-efficiency furnace offers a variety of benefits, including:

Up to 50% decrease in natural gas consumption

Up to 70% decrease in electricity consumption by the furnace fan

Less fluctuation of temperature

Fewer cold and warm air pockets in the home

Improved humidity control and indoor air quality

Quieter and safer operation

More space in your basement or utility area

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Furnace

With the wide variety of furnaces available in the market at strikingly different costs, you might find it hard to choose the right one for your needs that fits your budget. Here are a few factors you should consider before finalizing on a furnace:

The size of your room

The climate around your area

The maximum budget you have

The fuel type readily available to you

Apart from providing furnace servicing in Calgary, our skilled plumbers are happy to help you find the right furnace to create a safe breathing space for you. Reach out to our heating experts to make the right decision regarding energy efficiency, cost, technology and more.

Other Heating Services We Offer

We offer a variety of heating services to keep you warm, cozy and comfortable. Some of our most popular heating services for Calgary homes and businesses include:



Furnaces (service and installation)


Boilers (service and installation)

Our Furnace Installation Process

In order to make sure that your furnace is installed correctly and does not give any trouble once we have left your site, we follow a set installation procedure. This procedure ensures that our team does not miss out on any vital step and that we perform a thorough quality check before we mark the task as complete. As a part of the procedure for furnace services in Calgary, our team also makes sure to give you a chance to review our work and be fully satisfied before we take the complete payment. We have divided the process in pre-installation, installation and post-installation parts as follows:


Pre-Installation Procedure

Before the installation process begins. We would request you to clear out the area where the installation is to take place. This will allow the furnace to be installed and the installation team to work and keep the required instruments and tools. We try our best to keep the job site as safe as possible and would ask you to keep all children and pets away from the working area.



Once these preconditions are met, our team at Neptune Plumbing and Heating Ltd. will start an inspection of the area in which we will determine the possibility of installing your furnace in the said area without damaging the structure of the building or adversely affecting its strength.


With the basic checks in place, we will start the installation process. Our team will ensure that we take extreme care during the installation to avoid causing any harm to the building or to the furnace. This will help you in keeping the warranty that comes with the furnace from the manufacturer intact.



Finally, we will inspect the work we have done and ensure there are no loose ends. Then, we will give you a chance to survey and review the installation area to make you fully satisfied before we leave.  You can also give yourself a few days to ensure there aren’t any leakages in place. You can always get back to us if an issue arises days after installation.




We are a team of highly dedicated individuals who are determined to ensure that all the furnace services in Calgary are performed while keeping full safety precautions in mind. We are committed to improving air quality with humidifiers and furnaces and making the world a better place for breathing. Our team at Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd. . will ensure that every job we do is done well and is completed on time.


At our plumbing and heating company, we can handle all of your HVAC requirements. You can choose us for furnace installation in Calgary and much more. We offer warranties on our services and hassle-free solutions. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you.


We can provide you with dependable furnace installation in Calgary along with other services. Our priority is your comfort.

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