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Protect Your Home in Calgary With Our Programs

Regular maintenance and servicing of the drainage system at home and office ensure good hygiene and lower repair costs in the long run. Protect your home from unexpected plumbing breakdowns and water damage with Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd.’s Diamond Club. This maintenance program ensures plumbing security for your home. We offer you a private membership for only $11.95 a month (plus GST) in which you will receive over $200.00 in free service.


Check out what you can get covered with our maintenance program. Call us to find out what other services we can provide.


We are located in Calgary and also provide our services in the surrounding areas.

Diamond Club Membership

Diamond Club Program

What does the plan include?

The benefits of the Diamond Club maintenance program have up to 100 different items. Some of our main benefits include:

  • Certified inspection once a year
  • Scheduled and free plumbing system adjustments

Maintenance Program

What Does the Plan Cover?

Our maintenance program covers work related to:

  • Toilets
  • Faucets
  • Exposed water lines
  • Piping under bathroom and kitchen sinks
  • Drains above and below sinks

Hot Water Tank Maintenance

Maintenance of your hot water heater or Tank is very important, which is why we provide a dedicated program for their maintenance. We have highly reliable and trained plumbers for our customers. They inspect and understand your issue before suggesting the accurate solution.

Furnace Maintenance

When your furnace is regularly serviced, you can enjoy a cozier home during frigid winters in Canada. Routine maintenance may help your heating system last longer too. Our experts run a comprehensive tune up to make sure your system is running properly. Our furnace maintenance program focuses on increasing the lifespan of your furnace.