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Heating Repairs & Services

Trusted Heating Repairs and Services in Calgary

At Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd., we know how critical it is to have a heating system that you can rely on. Heaters work as effectively, reliably and powerfully as possible to keep you comfortable and keep your bills low. Our plumbing and heating contractors are happy to help you with all three of our efficient services: heating repair, maintenance, and installation.


If the heater unexpectedly breaks or fails to work correctly, it's easy to find your daily life disrupted by the lack of warmth in your house. We aim to restore your comfort and get rid of stress by delivering the best possible heating repair services. If you opt for our services, we'll be ready to fix your problems at any time of the day and make sure your home is warm all season.

Diamond Club Membership

Join Our Maintenance Program

Protect your home from unexpected plumbing breakdowns and water damage with Neptune Plumbing & Heating’s Diamond Club. This maintenance program is plumbing security for your home.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

You might need a professional furnace repair if you notice:

Odd noises coming from the furnace

Minimized or complete loss of heating and cooling ability

Reduced airflow from the registers

These warning signs can indicate heating system problems, including faulty thermostat connections, dirty air filters, and electrical issues. If your heating system is giving you trouble, you can count on Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to troubleshoot the problem and provide an immediate preventative solution. Once these problems are diagnosed, our team can help you fix them while preventing further furnace issues.

Our Heating Repair Services in Calgary Include:

  • Furnace Installation & Replacement – We can install a new furnace or replace an old one with the latest technology and features. Our team is trained to work on all types of heating systems.
  • Furnace Repair – We can repair any type of Furnace. Our technicians are well-trained to work with all types of heaters and offer solutions for all issues

If you're experiencing problems with your heating system in Calgary, call us today!


Why Hire a Professional for Furnace Repair?


When you have problems with your furnace, you might consider fixing them yourself. However, not only will this lead to more damage, but it can end up injuring you. There are many reasons to choose professional HVAC contractors like us, such as:

  • Accurate diagnosis: Professional HVAC contractors know how to inspect your furnace and make an accurate diagnosis. This accuracy ensures we don't make any mistakes in repairing your furnace.
  • The right tools: You probably don't have the suitable tools required to complete the job. On the other hand, we have access to cutting-edge equipment to get the job done right the first time.
  • Saves money: Undertaking the repair yourself will most likely lead to damages, which will cost you more money than necessary. We will carry out the job quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and money.
  • Prevention of problems: When inspecting your furnace, we can identify the early signs of damage. By doing so, we can nip these problems in the bud, saving you money on repairs.


Get in Touch


At Neptune Plumbing & Heating Ltd., we are always available to attend to your heating emergencies. We offer minimal wait times and quick responses. If you'd like to schedule an appointment with us or have any queries about our services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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