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How to Prevent Water Leaks in Your Home

Water Leaks

Fire may be the most dramatic threat to your home, but there's nothing like the creeping anxiety of discovering a water leak. Whether it's frozen pipes, loose fittings, or the need for a sewer replacement, Calgary homes face their share of threats from water. Calgary's climate allows for the full range of common plumbing problems. Here's how to find and prevent water leaks in your home.



One of the leading causes of emergency repair and sewer replacement in Calgary is the failure to winterize pipes. Temperatures can plummet in the Calgary winter, which puts an enormous strain on your pipes as water expands and contracts. A build-up of ice can easily burst a pipe, flooding your home with ice-cold water. Taking steps to winterize your home will help to prevent problems if there's a sudden change in the weather. As winter is one of the worst times to develop a plumbing issue, a little preparation can save you a lot of stress.



An untraceable dripping sound is enough to strike fear into a homeowner's heart. It's not just dripping noises, either. Banging, knocking, and rattling can be signs of something wrong in your plumbing. Loose fasteners are a common cause, but these sounds could also indicate problems with water pressure. Gurgling sounds from your drains could indicate a blockage. Many blockages are easy to treat at home, but if you're struggling to remove a stubborn blockage, you should contact a plumber to ensure it doesn't get worse. A sudden influx of backed up water can cause an incredible amount of damage.



A small leak becomes a big problem over time, even if the scale of the leak never increases. Even a small but constant drip can do incredible damage. So watch out for signs of leaks in your home. A few common indicators are:

  • Mold: Mold and mildew both love moisture. May even lead to mushrooms if left to develop.

  • Dark patches on walls/floors: A sign of water damage occurring behind a wall or beneath a floor.

  • Dampness: As expected, leaks can lead to wet patches in otherwise-dry locations.

If you spot any of these symptoms, investigate the cause and contact a plumber if you suspect a leak.



The dreaded sewer line leak. You'll know all about it when it happens. Unfortunately, sewer line leaks are common because many residents don't even know where their sewer line is, let alone maintain it. A burst sewer line can make your home unliveable, whether it's due to the stench or the health hazard it presents. So do yourself a favor and get a sewer line replacement in Calgary before that happens.



These simple yet effective tips should help you identify and prevent water leaks in your home. With that, you can have a little more peace of mind that your home is safe. Looking for sewer replacement in Calgary? Contact us today.

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Jun 04

Water leaks can be costly and damaging. As a plumber, I recommend regular inspections, fixing cracks, and installing leak-detection devices to prevent leaks and ensure your home's safety and security

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